Why Customers Decide To Buy

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

The easiest way to master the consumer’s mind is to understand that all human beings like to be attractive to others in a way of this other.

And as such this longing to feel attracted to people that are viewed as dear does affect the customer decisions to buy a good or service and sometimes quality or pricing is never an issue.

Well, you might agree and say that fashion of the day does influence customers’ decision to buy but again, think of it this way. There is no way the target customer for your business is going to spend a dime on a  new trending product or service if their loved ones think such a product is not fancy.

 Customers buy things so that they can please or emulate the people they value or love.

So, the clue to understanding the mind of a target customer is to find out who are their loved ones or the people they value. And according to research, 80 percent of all phones calls usually revolve just around 5 people.

The above findings imply that these 5 people around your target customer are the people you should be influencing to speak positively about your product so as to attract the attention and interest of your target customers.

In summary, the way to understand and influence the mind of your target customer is to get closer to the dear people around them. Whom I would refer to as the influentials. And who are they? Well, they are different and vary based on the environment just as I will discuss below.

Influential People That Determine Why Your Target Customer Buys A Product

Again, these influential people vary based on the environment and also the type of product or service being promoted. All in all, we have the following main types of influential people that determine why target customers settle for brands. And they include :

           •          Family members

           •         Experts on the type of product or service being promoted

           •          Celebrities

            •           Non-experts

Family Members

There is no doubt that family members come first in almost all cases. And your target customer is willing to do anything to see their loved ones smile. This just implies one thing. And that is if you can be able to design marketing campaigns that speak to the close family members for your target customer, then be pretty convinced that you’re in business.

For instance, if our selling car tires, do research to know how many of your target customers have families.

 Then analyze, what type of families your target customer has:  like are there more children or single parents and such.

Then design marketing campaigns that appeal to the close family members of your target customers.

For instance, you can come up with video games that use you’re the tire brands that your promoting and this will lead to children telling their parents about your tire brands they see in their video games. With time the parents will notice your tire brand through their children and this will affect their decisions when buying tires in future to favor your business. Be creative towards that angle.

 Experts on the type of product or service being promoted

Now, you need to take hold of the experts and intellectuals in the field who relate to your product. Like if you’re promoting your toothpaste in a new market and it happens that a Harvard Chemistry engineers recommend or talks positively about your toothpaste then you should be smiling. This s because consumers want to be safe and as such the voices of experts always make sense and influence buying habits.

Maybe you should consider investing in experts by sponsoring them to talk about your product in public places. It works.


Well, everyone wants to be associated with the rich and famous. If a celebrity today clads in a suit that is made by your company then be sure to hit media headlines where everyone will be talking about how this media person dressed in such an outfit from a particular cloth company.

And even though it is proven that public figures don’t guarantee an increase in sales, they, however, spark public discussion about your product or service and this is good for building your brand.

So, consider working with public figures to build your brand and be visible to your target customers.


Everyone has the ability to bring change. No matter who they are. Therefore, make sure that your product or service that your promoting does appeal to the general public. Just come up with quality brands. And as a result, customers will like your product or service and even tell others without your knowledge as an investor.

Some customers will go to the point of giving you good reviews online. Don’t underestimate even the power of one customer who has a complaint.


Just as you have seen, the buying of goods and services is all about the target customer wanting to please or emulate the dear people in their lives or circles. This is what determines why customers buy a certain product or service.

Hence, desist from marketing your products or services to anybody on the street and concentrate on people or circles that have the power to influence your target customer.

05 August 2019