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Four Awesome Tools to Help You Stay Connected With Your Team

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs embrace the remote way of working in their startup culture and often their employees are situated in out-of-office environment. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs are traveling very often, are away on business meetings and attending important events which makes it difficult to monitor the team work closely. Luckily, we are living in technology driven era and everything is possible if you have the right tools for it. Here you can find four awesome tools that will help you stay in touch with your team members wherever you or they are located at the moment. Read More

Why you should hire millennials for your startup

Entrepreneurs create their businesses driven by innovation and determine their own rules when it comes to new company culture and modern management style. From business models through office space to working hours, the whole startup community tends to break the cliché and implement distinctive approaches.

When we talk about the importance of the hiring policies and the different skill sets entrepreneurs search in their employees, it cannot stay unnoticed the need of coherence between the startup ideas and the team behind the execution of these ideas. Read More

Your startup culture really matters

The moment when every startup owner realizes that aiming high is not enough, is the moment when the importance of acting big and strategizing smart becomes a priority. When surviving is not satisfying and the profound planning is what really matters, it is the time to start contemplating about startup culture and specifically the culture of your startup. Entrepreneurs have one advantage – by setting up the business they set up the culture, which is much easier than changing the culture of already existing company. Read More