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How to build loyal customer network

Getting customers is the easy part. Keeping them happy and loyal in a growing network can require a little more legwork than you think. But, it’s the easiest way to have a thriving business and grow it.

Your customers are possibly the most important part of running a business – if they aren’t happy, your business will struggle to stay afloat. Businesses thrive on their happy customers and their unhappy ones can hinder them severely. You should always endeavour to understand who your customers are – especially your best ones.

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How to Build Loyal Customer Network?

We currently live in an era of growth hacking in addition to rock star startups taking the world by storm. This has led to many of us focusing on new ways to acquire customer or user acquisition even though it could cost more than customer retention.

Some essential means to help build loyal customer networks are:

Build your network

Having close contacts from business colleagues, partners, suppliers, contractors to prospective and existing customers helps in boosting your sales line. The contacts you have are untapped customer base waiting for you to link up with their needs. Meeting up at networking events or cluttering up business cards does not guarantee one of remembrance after a long while. Networking is a long-term investment which, if done right by adding value to the relationship made between you and the customer can go a long way and actually pay off. Read More

How to Expand Your Business Network

We have a few articles that will give you tips about what to do and not to do while networking. What I would like to focus on is how to build your network. Do not underestimate the power of your network and having one that is adapted to you. Networks determine which ideas will make it, they give access to skill sets, private information and power. Meeting the right person might change your life and to make this happen you need to get out there. These are a few suggestions to start expanding your network right away.

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How to Make The Most of Networking

Networking is not only about getting in touch with as many people as you can; it is about creating the right connections and establishing valuable and enduring relationships with the others, relationship that will grow stronger over time. Here you can find five very simple yet effective tips on how to make the most of the networking opportunities you have. Read More

Stand Out From the Crowd: How to be Memorable at Every Speed Networking Event

Active networking is very important for every entrepreneur because it helps to build strong relationships with other entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, advisers and even customers. We have already talked about the importance of business networking for the success of your company and we have discussed the five essential networking tips which every startup owner must follow: be prepared, listen, search for new faces, make a list, follow up. Read More

Four Awesome Tools to Help You Stay Connected With Your Team

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs embrace the remote way of working in their startup culture and often their employees are situated in out-of-office environment. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs are traveling very often, are away on business meetings and attending important events which makes it difficult to monitor the team work closely. Luckily, we are living in technology driven era and everything is possible if you have the right tools for it. Here you can find four awesome tools that will help you stay in touch with your team members wherever you or they are located at the moment. Read More