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A VC’s Perspective on the Turkish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Cankut Durgun, who is Founding Partner at Aslanoba Capital, gave special interview for Etohum at Startup Turkey 2016 event, in which he compared the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem with the rest, giving us one interesting view on the subject. He emphasized on the key differences and pinpointed the main challenges as viewed through the perspective of an experienced VC. Read More

3 Steps to Building a Successful Marketplace in a Fast-Changing Market

Online marketplaces are undoubtedly one of the most popular categories for emerging startups and together with on-demand are becoming ubiquitous. At Startup Turkey, Ahmet Kayhan shared his experience on building a successful data-driven online marketplace in a dynamic market. Ahmet is the founder and chief executive of Zingat, end-to-end big-data and marketing platform for real-estate market. In his talk, Ahmet shared his experience on building Zingat, which can be valuable for startups operating in other markets.

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What Makes Israel So Popular In the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Region?

When it comes to analyzing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in MENA region, Israel is probably the most successful country in this sphere. Prof. Dr. Erhan Erkut gave special interview for Etohum at Startup Turkey 2016 event, in which he shared his thoughts on the subject and pinpointed some essential elements, which are helping Israel to be the successful startup nation, which it is right now. Read More

Nevzat Aydin comments on the “Startup Bubble” – Learn and Prevail

In a special interview for Etohum, Nevzat Aydin, the founder of Yemeksepeti, the online food ordering company, which was sold to Delivery Hero, commented on the “Startup Bubble” comments, which have been circulating around the different entrepreneurial ecosystems (India is great example for it) during the past couple of years.

He noted that  it is important that not only investors, but entrepreneurs as well, learn from the examples from the past years – for instance, from the ‘99/’00 bubble – in order to become more aware of the similar situations in the future and be able to prevail. Read More

Startup Turkey 2016: Special Interview with Ozgur Deniz Onur

Invidyo, which is babysitting monitoring system that analyzes the videos in the home, was one of the finalists at Startup Turkey 2016 Challenge. In a special interview for Etohum, one of the co-founders, Ozgur Deniz Onur, shared his opinion about this year’s Startup Turkey event and talked about the opportunities, which this event gives to the attending startups by highlighting the importance of being part of the entrepreneurial community in the country. Read More